Miranda, a multimedia artist since 1990, has explored painting, sculpture, video, digital art, photography, design, literature, and more. She directed the Kerubin Art society, overseeing its gallery in Slovenia (2004-2008) before founding the Kerubin Art Centre in India (2009) and later relocating to London in 2014. Her first UK group exhibition was at the 5th Base Gallery in 2016, coinciding with the rebranding of Kerubin to ZEN+.
Miranda boasts a prolific international career with approximately 180 solo and group exhibitions across Italy, UK, France, Germany, Thailand, India, USA, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, among others. She exhibited at renowned institutions like Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana Castle, and the UN International Peace Institute.
Notable accolades include participation in international biennales in Florence and Sweden, along with prestigious recognition at the International ExTempore in Izola, Slovenia.
As a published author, Miranda has released three novels, two sets of artistic cards, and a fairy tale as a book and animated app.
In addition, Miranda has collaborated with over 150 sponsors, including Benetton, Porsche, and Ikea, and is an ambassador for ecological initiatives.



Truth, Simplicity and Love, Exhibition, Mihelič Gallery, Ptuj, Slovenia

MIRANDA’S GLASS ART INSTALLATIONS, Photography exhibition, Pitanga, Auroville, India


TRI BARVE / TRE COLORI, Installation in glass, Our Lady of Health Curch, Piran, Slovenia

WHITE BIANCA BELA WEISS, Exhibition, Piran Lighthouse, Piran, Slovenia


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Installation, Layerjeva Hiša, Kranj, Slovenia


Symphony in Black and White, Installation, Zavarovalnica Triglav, Kranj, Slovenia


The River of Life, Group Exhibition, Glass Installation, Tolmin, Slovenia

Geometry, Fashion Show by Victor Vasarely, International Festival of Fine Arts, Kranj, Slovenia

Festival of Glass, Glass Installations C Minor and More Light, Hrastnik, Slovenia

Art Eko Drava, Extempore with exhibition, Maribor National Hall, Maribor, Slovenia

Chaos, Group Exhibition, International Festival of Collage, Layer House, Kranj, Slovenia

The River of Life, Group Exhibition, Artist colony for Slovenian painters who live abroad, Most na Soči, Slovenia

Among the Great Ones, Solo Exhibition in cooperation with Tina Pavlin, Kranj House Gallery, Kranj, Slovenia

Women in Art for Peace, International Exhibition, European Committee of the Regions, Brussels, Belgium

Women in Art for Peace, International Exhibition, Palais de l’Europe, Strasbourg, France

Cosmic Egg - Birth, Land Art Installation in cooperation with Tina Pavlin and Dalaj Eegol, Preddvor, Slovenia


Wall Garden Gallery, Permanent Installation, ZEN+ Auroville, India

Women in Art for Peace, International Exhibition, International Peace Institute, Manama, Bahrain

Women / Ženske, Art Installation, The tunnels of Kranj, Slovenia

The Bridge of Creativity / Most ustvarjalnosti, Group Exhibition, Slovenian painters who live abroad, Art Colony, Most na Soči, Slovenia

The Bridge of Creativity / Most ustvarjalnosti, Group Exhibition, Tolmin, Slovenia

Between the Earth and the Sky, Exhibition, Mergentaler Street Gallery, Layer House, Kranj, Slovenia


ZEN+ 3, 2, 1 Precious To Me, Group Exhibition, 5th Base Gallery, London, United Kingdom

Winter Tale, Exhibition, InterContinental Hotel, Davos, Switzerland


First Attention, Exhibition, Salwa Zeidan Gallery, Abu Dhabi, UAE


STEKLO / GLASS, Permanent art installation Let's Make Kranj Beautiful, Dvorec Jelen, Kranj, Slovenia

The Magical Tree, Art installations, California, USA

See A Tree In A Memory, Floating Installation, Arboretum Volčji Potok, Golf Arboretum, Slovenia


She Is ShAKTI, Exhibition, Roza, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Magical Tree, Group Exhibition, Lolita, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Vesolje Space Weltraum, Permanent Installation, Friderik's Tower, Celje's Castle, Celje, Slovenia

We Love Colours, Group Exhibition, Art Houz, Chennai, India

Art & Fashion, Installation, Hayatt Regency Hotel, Chennai International Fashion Week, India


Heart For Art, Group Exhibition, Gallery Square Circle, Kala Kendra, Auroville, India

We Love Colours, Group Exhibition, Art And Soul gallery, Chennai, India

Exhibition at the celebration of 20 years of diplomatic relations between India and Slovenia, Taj Connemara, Chennai, India


Inside Of A Bubble, Kavarna Mozaik, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Brave New World, Mladinski center in Hotel Terme, Bre¾ice, Slovenia

Water, Hostel Oljka, Korte, Slovenia

People From Auroville, Pitanga, Auroville, India


Kaj pa jaz hočem? / And What Do I Want?, MORS, Ljubljana, Slovenia


Poetry, Aurelec Art Gallery, Auroville, India

Blow Up / Povečava, Artbutik, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Art Made In Slovenia, Multimedia presentation, Vérité, Auroville, India

GLASS, bank of river Ljubljanica, Ljubljana, Slovenia


Precious To Me, Prints of nature, Sanctuary, Koh Lanta, Thailand

Modern Angels, Roma's Kitchen, Auroville, India


Modern Angels, Art In Our Lives, Casablanca, Pondicherry, India

Modern Angels, Tibetan Pavilion, Auroville, India


STOLI / CHAIRS, International Art Project

Gnomes, Art Project

DVD Kodeks, Multimedia with interactive books Kodeks and Lydia


Manhattan N.Y. Zen, Consulate General of the Republic of Slovenia, New York

Manhattan N.Y., Eurocenter, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Manhattan N.Y., Kerubin, Multimedia Space KT1, Izola, Slovenia

Installation and multimedia presentation Manhattan N.Y., Slovenia Open For Art, Sinji Vrh

XVI. International Painter Ex Tempore 2006, Izola, Slovenia


She Is ShAKTI, Hotel Mons, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Kodeks, art photos, Kerubin, Izola, Slovenia

Ice Instalation Kodeks, Mercator center Ljubljana, Slovenia

Kodeks, exhibition of Zen pictures from book Kodeks, Kerubin, Izola, Slovenia

108 Simple Koans, Kerubin, Izola, Slovenia

After Luleå; Summer Biennial 2003, MORS Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Yin and Yang Spring Collection, Homage to Gianni Versace, With Rok Eckert, Kerubin, Izola, Slovenia

Art Made In Slovenija, TV Paprika, Ljubljana, Slovenia


33 - From Heart to Heart, Kerubin, Izola

Luleå Sommar Biennal, Luleå, Sweden

Collage, Logum, Ljubljana, Slovenia


L’amore è..., Il filo di palia, Monfalcone, Italy

Planets, Studio Galleria Gasspar, Piran, Slovenia

Art Made in Slovenija, Mercator Center Ljubljana, Slovenia


Three Colors, Homage to Krzysztof Kieślowski, Ljubljana Castle, Slovenia

Lanta's Small Talk, Ko Lanta, Thailand


Requiem, Homage to W.A. Mozart, Glass objects, Tower of Ljubljana castle, Slovenia

Requiem, Open Gallery, Rakitna, Slovenia


Where Art Joins Sorcery, Zemon, Slovenia


Le quattro stagioni, Valvazor Chappel, Izlake, Slovenia

Casino, Metropol, Portorose, Slovenia

Okarina, Bled, Slovenia


Hair Salon Frida, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Belinka, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Homage to the Masters, KUD France Prešeren, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Olympiahalle Munchen, Germany


Gallery Restaurant YAM, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Homage to the Masters of Wisdom, Yamčica, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Open-air gallery, Rakitna, Slovenia

Arboretum open-air gallery, Volčji potok, Slovenia


Gallery Antiche Mura, Monfalcone, Italy

Agricultural Bank and Credit House, Opicina, Italy

Angeli Atlantici, The City Gallery, Konstanz, Germany


Angeli Atlantici, Slovene National Museum, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Centro holistico,Trieste, Italia

YAM Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia


The Seductress and the Saint, K4, Ljubljana, Slovenia


White Exhibition, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Naxos Gallery, Naxos, Greece


Water, Photo Gallery Atrij, Ljubljana, Slovenia





The Little Mermaid And Her Dolphin, Dvorec Jelen, Kranj, Slovenia


TheMagicalTree, Jewellery Stand, Kickstarter Project

See A Tree In A Memory, Floating Installations, Golf Arboretum, Slovenia

STEKLO / GLASS, Permanent art installation, Dvorec Jelen, Kranj, Slovenia


Vesolje Space Weltraum, Permanent installation, Old Castle, Celje, Slovenia

Art & Fashion, Installation, Chennai International Fashion Week, Hyatt Regency Chennai, India


See A Tree In A Memory, Installation of 108 light objects, Unity Pavilion, Auroville, India

Microcosmos 2013, International art peace project, published art calendar

The Art Of Transformation And Time For Tea, multimedia installation, Kerubin Art Center, Auroville, India


Installation Morje/The Sea/Il Mare, Pretorska palača, Koper, Slovenia


The Wishing Table, TOP, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Installation Underwater, Auroville, India

The Little Mermaid And Her Dolphin, workshop, Auroville, India

The Little Mermaid And Her Dolphin, multimedia presentation of the illustrated book, Auroville, Inida


Light installation The Little Mermaid And Her Dolphin, Art Direction, Koper, Slovenia

The Little Mermaid And Her Dolphin, published book

Flower Power, Ice - Fire Installation, Koper, Slovenia


Multimedia presentation of book Kodeks, Library, Makse Samsa, Ilirska Bistrica, Slovenia

Multimedia presentation of fairy-tale The Little Meramaid And Her Dolphin, Osrednja knjižnica Srečka Kosovela, Koper, Slovenia

Multimedia presentation of book The Little Meramaid And Her Dolphin, City Library Izola, Slovenia

CD The Little Mermaid And Her Dolphin, Fairy-tale, E-book, Audio Book, Paint Books, Game

MY VANITY, Multimedia art project, Kerubin Gallery, Izola, Slovenia


STOLI / CHAIRS, International Art Project

Gnomes, Art Project

Multimedia DVD Kodeks, with interactive books Kodeks and Lydia


DVD Manhattan N.Y., Multimedia presentation

Manhattan N.Y., Installation and multimedia presentation, Slovenia Open For Art, Sinji Vrh,

XVI. International Painter Ex Tempore 2006, Izola, Slovenia

Kodeks, Multimedia evening, Youth Center, KŠOK, Koper, Slovenia


Kodeks, Multimedia evening, Internet cafee Stane, City Cinema Metropol, Celje, Slovenia

Book Kodeks, multimedia presentation, bookstore Konzorcij, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Book Kodeks, multimedia presentation, Library Anton Sovre Hrastnik, Slovenia

Book Kodeks, multimedia presentation, City Library Izola, Slovenia

Book Kodeks, published

Exhibition of awarded painting Strunjan, Gallery Alga, Izola, Slovenia

XV. International Painter Ex Tempore 2004, award, Izola, Slovenia


Kerubin, litography - cooperation with Marjan Motoh

Bronze sculptures,

XIV. International Painter Ex Tempore 2003, Izola, Slovenia

Designing Kerubin kitchen cloth, TT Prebold, Slovenia

Designing Kerubin towels, Svilanit, Kamnik, Slovenia

Designing Kerubin bed linen, BPT, Trzič, Slovenia

The portrait of the artist Klavdij Tutta, appearance in his art catalogue


Designing Kerubin CD ROM, with Matej Ukmar

Music for Kerubin Launch, with Dalaj Eegol, Lara Baruca, Tamara Krajnc

Video production Kerubin Launch, with Slavi V. Okorn

Designing Kerubin accessories, Termopol, Sovodenj, Slovenia

Art Calendar 2003 Kerubin, with Mateja Horvat

Design and collages for CD Red'a'red, by Dalaj Eegol with Matej Ukmar

Designing Kerubin clothes collection, with Urša Drofenik, Fashion Workshop, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Designing Kerubin clothes collection, with Milena Kirn, Beti, Metlika, Slovenia

Designing Kerubin glass collection, Steklarska šola, Rogaška Slatina, Slovenia

Art & Fashion, computer graphics of Slovene celebrities with Matej Ukmar for Playboy Slovenia


Designing art ceramic tiles with glass and colour, Gorenje, Slovenia

Styling, mask, photography, for CD red'a'red by Dalaj Eegol

Multimedia presentation for Three Colors, Ljubljana Castle, Slovenia

Workshop Lanta's Small Talk, Sanctuary, Ko Lanta, Thailand


Art collection Odiseja 2001, with 12 reproductions of glass objects with Andrejka Čufer and Leonard Rubins

Art & Fashion, computer graphics with Leonard Rubins

Requiem, Short film

Requiem, installation, Maln, Izlake, Slovenia

Requiem, Installation, , Plečnik's church of Saint Michael, Črna vas, Slovenia


Angels, a Calendar for the year 2000 with Matej Rozman

Fairies, Art Made Series, Design for a fairytale car equipment for women

Cream for Friends, Cooproduction of CD with Alien


Four Seasons, Art Calendar 1999

Dwarf's World, Creative workshop for children, Rakitna, Slovenia


Fairies, Creative workshop for children, Rakitna, Slovenia

Elves World, Theatre performance for children, Rakitna, Slovenia

Villa Mirandolina, opening of a House as Art Object, Rakitna, Slovenia


Installation, Port Vila, Vanuatu

Installation, New Town, Sydney, Australia

Installation, Venice Beach, Los Angeles, USA

A Friend in Need, is a Friend Indeed, Project to help victims in Bosnia, Slovenia, Bosnia


Book Angels, installation Mladinska knjiga, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Book Angels, multimedia Presentation, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Introducing The Spirit of Konstanz, The City Gallery, Konstanz, Germany


Miranda's Artistic Angel Cards, in seven languages

Angeli Atlantici, multimedia performance, Hotel Union, Ljubljana, Slovenia


Installation, Prešeren's Monument, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Installation, Zvezda park, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Seductress and the Saint, Multimedia spectacle, Cinema Mojca, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Seductress and the Saint, multimedia spectacle, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Lydia, multimedia presentation of the novel, Central Library, Koper, Slovenia

Lydia, multimedia presentation of the novel, Center of Culture, Velenje, Slovenia

Lydia, multimedia presentation of the novel, Celje, Slovenia

Lydia, multimedia presentation of the novel, DZS, Maribor, Slovenia

Lydia, multimedia presentation of the novel, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Lydia, autobiographical novel


Water, Art Photography with Bojan Radovič, Economic Faculty, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Photography exhibition, Medical Center, Hrastnik, Slovenia